About Us

Raters Guide is dedicated to enriching the shopping experience of consumers by directing them to the top-selling products, which are priced reasonably. While e-commerce sites have made the shopping experience convenient, consumers have a very vague idea of what to expect when it comes to the quality and aesthetics of the products. 

Raters Guide wanted to address this concern, and as a result, our experts analyze the products in the various niche to curate the top-selling products. We use different criteria to rate the products to ensure that they tick all the boxes. The products listed on the platform are of the highest quality. The products are rated by the automated system using consumer reviews. The ratings get updated periodically based on the reviews.    

In addition to helping consumers find the top-selling products, we also offer insights on how consumers can purchase them at discounted prices. To increase the sales and give themselves an edge over their competitors, e-commerce platforms roll out discounts from time to time. When you find a product that has a discount, you will be quick to take advantage of that. However, the same product will have a higher discount at a different e-commerce site. To make your lives easier, we list out the highest cost-saving discounts for every product listed in our platform. 

If you have concerns regarding the content, ratings, and discount coupons on products, you can shoot out an email to us at